Saturday, July 23, 2011

Cool Sh*t!!- Dexter Season 6 Trailer

As one of my favorite T.V. shows Breaking Bad had it's season premiere this past Sunday, I'm gearing up for the premiere of my next favorite show, Dexter! After a very different, and kind of uninteresting Season 5, I hope Season 6 will be the come back of the maniacal type serial killers like from the previous seasons such as the Ice Truck Killer and the Trinity Killer. After the un-fulfilling teaser trailer we got last month, Comic Con has released a full length trailer for Dexter's upcoming season, revealing lots of goodies we can be expecting this upcoming fall. Some of the interesting new cast members I took notice of included Colin Hanks (better known as Tom Hanks's son) and rapper Mos Def. Many religious overtones are in the trailer, so so far I think it looks to be gearing up to be a great season! On top of that, they're using a song written by Depeche Mode (one of favorite bands ever!) Personal Jesus as the trailer song! Huge followings for shows like Dexter and Breaking Bad are certainly revealing an interesting trend for audiences' love for the bad guys, eh? Just saying...

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  1. I forgot to post LOL! This is an amazing post! I too love Breaking Bad and Dexter. That was the greatest trailer ever. I am also a Depeche Mode fan and using it for Dexter was genius. Never thought I would see Colin Hanks in such a dark picture, so that will be interesting. But man, Edward James Olmos! I love that man! Genius casting. Great trailer again, no joke, I got goosebumps. This will be another fantastic season. Thanks for sharing hon :)