Monday, May 30, 2011

Cool Sh*t!! Harry Potter Through the Pensieve

I know I haven't been doing much with the blog lately, but I swear, I have a whole slew of blog posts lined up to be posted in the upcoming summer months. I'm been reading and reading with every free minute I have so expect my summer reading list recommendations soon. In the meantime, here a little something something just to share. I know I've been very focused on the topic of Harry Potter lately, but I want to bask in the hype while it's still alive. We all know the last film is about to be released, and once that hits, Harry Pot Pots is going to slowly die down.

Awesome film editor Genrocks has created a compilation of the eight Harry Potter films, taking a look at the characters through the years. I'm sorry to seem so Harry Potter nostalgic, but yesterday I just went to go see the Harry Potter exhibition at the Discovery Center in New York, and seeing the costumes of our favorite trio from all the films made me see how much things have changed since Harry's first few years (except for maybe his height). This video mash up is a good retrospective look at Harry, his friends, and Hogwarts since the days in the cupboard under the stairs. Here is what Genrocks says about the video:

Over the years, the Harry Potter series has had a very special place in my heart. With the final film coming out in 50 days, I thought it would be a good time to look back at the journey we’ve taken with the film versions of JK Rowling’s unforgettable characters. A retrospective spanning all eight films, this tells the story of the bravery of children, the folly of the powerful, and the overriding force of love.

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