Monday, April 18, 2011

Misc Review- Game of Thrones

Okay, short review. I just wanted to address my initial thoughts on the premier episode of Game of Thrones from last night on HBO. I was pretty excited for this show even though I wasn't able to get into the book series. Part of the reason I didn't enjoy reading it so much was because I was getting the feeling that all the female roles were being played as backdrops to support the virtuous and triumphant men. Needless to say, I didn't finish the first book so this may not be true; I was hoping the TV adaption would prove my thought wrong. I also know HBO's track record tends to adapt overly sexed shows so I really wondered how this was going to play out. Prior to Sunday, New York Times released a pretty scathing review stating it was a "costume-drama sexual hopscotch" and "no woman alive would watch." Not a good sign, but I gave the show the benefit of the doubt and still went ahead and watched it.

So how was it? Well, it was about an hour of killing, sex, decapitating, sex, men with swords, dwarf sex, dire wolves, incest sex, monsters called the Others, pillaging sex, Dothraki horse warriors, and rape. Oh, and did I mention a ton of naked women? So here's the question everyone's been asking since the premier: Is Game of Thrones anti-feminist? I typically am pretty sensitive to the issue of the roles women play in films and novels, and to be perfectly honest, I didn't feel the show was anti-feminist. I think what this episode did was it established this sort of ruthless world that these women live in. Its obviously no country for women, but that only forces the female characters of the story to work and fight even harder to not fall into this desolate environment for women. Having not finished the book, I am particularly interested to find out what happens to Queen Stark and Daenerys. I will admit though, this show may appeal more to guys than you gals out there- unless you like watching tons of nakey women.

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