Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Bitchin' Ads-Skittles Dazzle The Rainbow

Want to watch a man drown in a tank of Skittles or a chubby pale guy prance around in his underwear for 25 days all live in the comfort in front of your computer? Watching these live feeds or random people online may just be the newest thing for marketers to use in order to grab the attention of audiences. Yesterday, Skittle's UK Facebook page invited fans to drown a man in a tank using those delicious pieces of candy! A sort of Old Spice/David Blain type character named David Phoenix challenged Skittles fans to try and submerge him in two million Skittles! Every person who becomes a fan of the Facebook page contributes Skittles to the tank. You could watch the video live from Facebook of this guy in a tank slowing disappearing among these colorful candy bits. On top of that, there were two hilarious Irish commentators to keep the mood going during the hours of this event. I checked in on the live feed yesterday when the candies had covered everything but the top of his head so only a little island piece of hair could be seem. Oh how I love Skittles and their brilliant dark-comedic advertising.

If you missed out on Mr. Phoenix drowning in candy yesterday, you could also head over to guyathome.com and watch a one-testicled Canadian walk around his home in his underwear all day. This publicity stunt is a 25 day campaign by the Canadian Cancer Society to raise awareness for testicular cancer. This pale Canadian man will wear stay in his home and wear just his underwear all day and it will all be streamed live for the public to watch. Head over to guyathome.com to see this Truman Show-esq show and become a fan on their Facebook page. Every person that becomes a fan will be $1 donated to the CCS.

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