Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Bitchin' Ads- Walking Dead Zombie Invasion

Ah! Could the zombie apocalypse be among us!? Well no... but several major cities around the world today such as New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, Hong Kong, London, Munich, Madrid, Rome, Athens, Johannesburg, Sao Paolo, Buenos Aires and my own neighborhood D.C., was invaded by gangs of zombies "attacking" folks who were just trying to get to work this morning. So this isn't really an ad but its a fucking cool promotional stunt so had to write about it.

This Halloween will be the premiere of AMC's new original series The Walking Dead directed by Frank Darabont (The Shawshank Redemption). To get some promotion buzz for the TV Show, AMC pulled off this wacko zombie invasion stunt. Groups of actors dressed as zombies reined down on several major cities and terrified folks trying to do their morning commute. The Washington Post warned us local DC-ers the day before to expect zombies the next morning but I wondered if this could actually be pulled off. After I sat down at my desk at 7:30 this morning, first thing I noticed was people tweeting pictures and videos of the zombies they ran into when walking off the metro. They were supposedly going to come to the same neighborhood I work in, so during my lunch break, I went on a scouting mission and cry when I can't find them. Luckily we always have Youtube to capture the moments I missed. Check out this guys channel, he's got videos uploaded from all the cities that were invaded.

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