Thursday, October 28, 2010

Bitchin' Ads- Chevy Cruzes Play Pac-Man

Why is it that foreign ads are so much better than ads here in the states? Because of all the ridiculous advertising restrictions we have or because Americans respond better the dumber the ad is? Recently, Chevrolet released a slew of new campaign spots under their new terrible slogan "Chevy Runs Deep." Honestly the commercials aren't that bad but they can't scream America more enough. You can watch them over at Chevy's official Youtube channel here. Right as these ads came out, I discovered a Chinese Chevrolet Cruze ad in which several engineers created a full size Pac-Man grid and had several Chevy Cruzes play Pac-Man. A white Cruze plays the part of Pac-Man while black Cruzes play the ghosts. The commerical is played to the song "Fuck Rock n' Roll" by The League. Seriously, what's better than this?

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