Thursday, September 23, 2010

Cool Sh*t!!- Youtube Play Shortlist

Guggenheim together with Youtube are conducting the Youtube Play contest- the search for the world's most creative video. Contests from any country were invited to submit their videos; the videos they were to submit had no requirements or guidelines so applicants were allowed to use whatever creative freedom they wanted. After 23,000 submissions from 91 countries, 125 of those videos have been shortlisted and can now be seen on the Youtube Play channel. You can visit the Youtube Play channel here! A jury will be selecting their favorite choices which will be revealed at a event at the Guggenheim Museum on Oct 21 and live on Below is a bit of a teaser of some of the finalists, and you can see from this brief clip below that there is some fucking fantastic work going on. Can't wait to see who the finalists will be! I'll be sure to post the finalist videos when they are announced!!

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