Friday, September 24, 2010

Cool Sh*t!!- Top 10 Songs For Testing A Car Stereo

Today, GM came out with their list of top ten songs to play when testing your car stereo. The list was complied by the Chevy Cruze's lead audio engineer, Matt Kirsch; a man who spends more than 500 hours a year listening to car sound systems, so the guy certainly knows what the fuck he's talking about. Have look at the list below, it's quiet good. Click the bold text to listen to the song. Enjoy!

Listen for the punch from the percussive bass, and the ring of the steel drums

Listen for the clarity in Johnny’s distinctive voice, and his guitar to sound natural and free of any coloration

Listen for the ambience and staging as the children’s chorus is offset by powerful bass

Listen for the enveloping ambience of the song, building on the openness and dynamic vocals

Listen clear, intelligible lyrics over the powerful, persistent bass beat

Listen for powerful, accurate bass beats, even at full volume

Listen for the clarity and dynamic range during the opening guitar solo, and of course the powerful drum beat

Listen for clarity in Alicia’s vocals and spacious background sound

Listen for strong vocals, and for the instruments to be set across a wide sound stage

Listen for Norah’s voice to sound natural, and centered in front of you

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