Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Bitchin' Ads- Social Network Interactive Trailer

I would hope a movie about Facebook would have creative marketing campaign and so far with The Social Network, I've been pretty impressed! The movie itself is a hard sell- come on now, it is a movie about Facebook after all! If you were to tell your friend (who didn't already know) that a movie about Facebook was coming out, what do you think their reaction would be? Don't we see enough Facebook in our daily lives!? Well when I went to go see Inception this summer, a garble of junky trailers were thrown in our face (A LOT more than usual!) and eventually people stopped paying attention to the screen and began talking amongst themselves. Well when the beginning of The Social Network trailer began...silence. I believe Fincher will impress us all with a movie about complicated human relationships rather than a face full of Facebook propaganda that people might expect. The marketers for The Social Network has added the next cool spin on their trailer. Their new, extended trailer incorporates around 40 pieces of bonus material that you can sift through while watching it. Check out the interactive trailer below!

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