Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Movie Review- Kick-Ass

Yesterday was the release of Kick-Ass on DVD and Blu-Ray and the first thing I did when I got off of work was rush to Best Buy to purchase my own copy. Usually on the day of a DVD release, Best Buy has these huge Point-of-Purchase displays with a zillion DVD and Blu-Rays to grab from right at the entrance of the store. When I walked in yesterday, it took my awhile to find the Kick-Ass POP. When I did spot it, I found this little tiny thing with only a few DVDs on it. Okay I live in a pretty big city so it's not like my local Best Buy is a small pathetic one or anything, but wow, their Kick-Ass in store marketing material was pathetic.

Probably a good handful you guys heard of Kick-Ass but probably didn't see it or don't know anyone who did saw it. The movie was a complete box office failure grossing a mere $48 million. Hmmm...must be a pretty terrible film in that case, right? NO! This film is by far one of the best films of 2010, trailing behind only Toy Story 3 in my opinion. So what's the deal with this movie? It's based off the Mark Millar and John Romita Jr. comic by the same name about a geeky comic-loving, teenage boy named Dave Lizewski who one day decides to become a super hero. I've never read the comic before but according to fans of the comic, the movie is a pretty good adaption besides some changes in a few plot points.

So in the film, Dave, despite not having any super powers or any formal training, puts on a wet suit and names himself the superhero Kick-Ass. So as you can imagine, he gets his ass kicked basically throughout the entire movie. Now this movie is a mix of a dark comedy and a action film. While watching the films gritty, gruesome violence, you can still laugh at it most of the time and be excited by its action sequences. Other super heros in the film include a father-daughter pair, Big Daddy and Hit-Girl. Big Daddy (played by Nicholas Cage) trains his daughter Mindy vigilante style justice and the two of them go out on killing sprees together. Great parenting, right? And our fourth super hero is none other than McLovin himself, named Red Mist in the film. Okay, who doesn't love McLovin? Watching him prance around in a ridiculously extravagant super hero costume was just a cherry on top of the cake for me.

So we have four amateur-looking super heros and a mix of hilarious scenes with Kick-Ass and Red Mist along with exciting action scenes with Bid Daddy and his young daughter Hit-Girl. To a parent, this could sound like a cute, funny movie to take their kids to. To older, larger movie going crowd, it sounds pretty stupid. This movie was presented with a REALLY tough marketing challenge. This is certainly NOT A MOVIE FOR KIDS. I read several reviews by parents who took their kids to see it and came out of the theater raging and demanding a refund. I'm surprised how stupid some parents can be. Do they not look at the rating?? It has a R rating for a reason. The character Hit-Girl I think was a big draw for parents in thinking it was a children's movie. Well, they certainly thought wrong. The movie is full of Hit-Girl spewing insane profanity and decapitating people.

For the older crowd that should have been drawn to the movie, they were deterred by bad marketing. The film certainly tried hard to reach only their target market and the result of that was poor exposure. Of their marketing material that did reach the right market, they were presented with not very appealing looking stuff. "Nic Cage in a batman costume? What exactly is he doing?" The film opened with pretty poor numbers and dropped substantially the next week. This was an indicator to the rest of the movie going crowd who may have saw the film that low box office numbers meant it was nothing worth watching. The film's director Matthew Vaughn is extremely talented and deserves to have a larger audience for his films. His previous film Stardust was a incredible adaption of Neil Gaiman's (who I love) novel but also suffered from terrible movie marketing. P.S. if you haven't seen Stardust, watch it!!

Okay, I'll stop ranting. Let talk about the film itself. So what can I say? IT WAS BRILLIANT! I loved the riskiness of this film, especially Hit-Girl;s character. Hit-Girl is portrayed by Chole Moretz and done brilliantly so. The girl is super adorable and bad ass at the same time. The first half of the film is devoted to Kick Ass and his story but towards the second half, Hit-Girl steals the show. If anything, you need to watch this film for Hit-Girl. I think Chole Moretz is bound to go on to become one of the industry's best actresses. Her next role will be in Matt Reeves' American adaption of my all time favorite book, Let the Right One In (renamed Let Me In) and I'm super excited to see how she does! So anyways, bottom line, WATCH THE MOVIE!!! You won't regret it!!!!!!

Recommended- Final Score 10/10

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