Saturday, August 7, 2010

WTF!?- Justin Bieber Biopic

Is this a joke? Apparently there is gonna be a Justin Beiber biopic to be released in theaters in 3-D!! Paramount pictures is going to be distributing the film and Oscar-winning David Guggenheim (
An Inconvenient Truth) is in talks to direct!! Who's starring in this film? Justin Bieber will be playing himself as you would guess cause if he wasn't, the 13-year old girls, the demographic the film expects to make its money off of, won't be interested. I'm just baffled. I love film biopic because they're usually about incredible individuals who have done something extraordinary in their lives (this usually spanning across several years). Isn't Justin Beiber like 15? When did his career start like 12? It's gonna be a biopic that spans three years? This entire situation is just down right ridiculous!

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