Sunday, August 15, 2010

Movie Review- Scott Pilgrm vs. The World

It always makes me sad to see brilliant work get over shadowed by brainless garbage, and in the case of this past weekend, that would be the fact that The Expendables, a film that's a perfect example of America's desires to watch testosterone driven nonsense, blowing up the box office while a gem called Scott Pilgrim vs. The World opened with a meager $10 million at the number 5 spot. I really shouldn't hate on The Expendables because I understand that there were a lot of Stallone and Schwarzenegger fans excited to see them back in action and the film served as nostalgia factor for them from 80's action flicks. This nostalgia factor is probably one of the biggest reasons I loved watching Scott Pilgrim vs. The World this past Friday. Please, if you're between the ages of 20-30, go see this film. It was made for us! One thing funny I noticed about the few critics who gave this movie a negative review was that they were over the 40 mark. Well it makes total sense to me why they wouldn't have enjoyed it.

So Scott Pilgrim is a brilliant film by Edgar Wright based off the comic book series by Brian Lee O'Malley released between 2004 and 2010. I haven't read the comics but from what I understand, the movie did a fantastic job adapting it. So the film is about 22-year old Canadian Scott Pilgrim who is a unemployed bassist for a rock band named Sex Bomb-omb. One night in a dream, a girl with crazy pink hair visits him and soon after that, Scott sees her at a library delivering goods and it's love at first sight. The girl's name is Ramona Flowers and she eventually reluctantly agrees to go on a date with Scott. Things start to get a bit complicated from here on out for Scott, seeing that he is already dating a 17-year old Chinese school girl named Knives, and the fact that Ramona's seven evil ex-s are coming out to kill him. Scott must defeat Ramona's seven evil ex-s in order to date her, much to his dismay.

Anyone who watched a commercial for the film may have had a little trouble figuring what it's going at. The video spots are filled with eccentric CG imagery and looks a bit like a mix between comic book panels and old video game graphics. Well, that's a pretty good summary of what the entire film looked liked. Why are they doing this? The whole movie is a satire of the pop culture that contemporary youth grew up with. The concept that Edgar Wright was going for is pulled off so brilliantly in this film. Bits and pieces from our beloved T.V. shows, movies, video games, comic books, and music from the 90's can be seen scattered throughout the film. I was wriggling in excitement in seat every time I heard or saw a familiar theme from the past. Some of the most recognizable ones are the Zelda sound effects, the Seinfeld theme being played in a transition shot, and a video game commentator shouting "K.O!" The films also uses plenty of split screens, one screen words, exaggerated/overly dramatic slow mo shots, as well as panels from the actual Scott Pilgrim comics.

Oh and the music. OHHHH the MUSIC!!!! I loved it! And with a movie like this, it has to be great. My personal favorite was "Black Sheep" by Scott's ex-s band. Sex Bomb-ombs and many of the other bands in the film reminded me of the type of attitude guys from high-school garage bands would have. Completely emo and wanting to sing about "death and make you sad and stuff." The attitudes of these kids in the film reflect perfectly the people our age (that being the in the 20s). Scott Pilgrim has that very happy-go-lucky attitude and is doing really nothing with his life. Unemployed at 22 years...that sounds familiar. Okay I'll admit, I was unemployed for a handful of months when I was 22-years old. I juggled a whole bunch of different ideas in those months trying to figure out what the fuck I was going to do. All the actors in the film suited their roles so perfectly. I loved Kieran Culkan as Scott's gay roommate. Ellen Wong was hilarious as Knives Chau. After Knives finds out about Scott's new girlfriend Ramona, Knives frequently refers to her as a white "fat ass" (a lot of Asian girls find white girls to be fat when they're not).

Again, if you're between the ages of 20-30, WATCH THIS MOVIE! My friend who came with me (who originally wanted to watch Eat, Pray, Love) isn't really into pop culture but still had a ball laughing. As a matter of fact, everyone in the entire theater was constantly laughing. Every bit and piece of this film is strung together so brilliantly and keeps a smug smile on your face. The movie is a visual and audio wonderland and succeeds wonderfully as a satire and parody. I'm sure many who watch this movie will come out of it thinking "I don't get it," but for those who do "get it," you'll love it! I'm just waiting for some nerd to go through the entire movie and figure out all of the pop culture references that were used.

Recommended- Final Score 8/10

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