Friday, July 30, 2010

WTF!?- Project Runway Season Premier

Project Runway Season 8 premier! Whoooo! Yes? Anyone? Certainly this show has been dropping in viewership ever since Season 4. It just seems that their talent pool continues to get smaller and smaller each season, but after the series premier last night, whooooooa there, where do they dig up some of these designers?! First they have this Jason character who is actually a landscape designer which obviously came through when we saw his backwards, stapled kimono dress, April and her "deconstructed" jacket or whatever it was, and the fuck was that unflattering, mismatched green dress not in the bottom six?? These were just three of the several terrible designs I saw on the runway last night. Granted, they were only given five hours for the challenge so maybe this is a bad representation of what they can do. Still the judges had plenty of people they could have knocked out for lower than acceptable work. However, they didn't do this. I get the feeling the judges got some sort of second agenda going on here. Ivy and Casanova were two designers who would have been absolutely justified to have gotten the boot last night but neither of them did. Casanova is rather animated personality while Ivy is just irritating and both those qualities will probably draw good drama to the show which the reason I think they didn't receive the "auf" last night.

Another thing I noticed is how bitchy the judges have gotten. Its turned into American Idol where they are just trying to be as offensive and terrible as possible to give the show a little drama. Is that really necessary? I'm not hearing any sort of constructive criticism at all! Nothing but "your dress looks like shit and I would never wear it." Heidi is slowing becoming more and more like that bitch Tyra Banks! One of the few designs I did like was done McKell (which can be seen in the photo above) and guess what...she was kicked off!! Okay I can see that there is a bit too much side boob showing and the bag doesn't match but who cares!? The design is good! I was really looking forward to seeing more of her stuff over the majority of these other designers. At this point I don't know if I'll continue to watch the show. Sad. Use to be one of my favorites when it took itself seriously. I will say though I do see one great budding talent in this group and that Andy. LOVED his ensemble (on the right). Most cohesive outfit out of all of them and he did it in five hours! I give him a 10/10!

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